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Growing up with a camera around my neck felt natural and gave me an outlet for my creative spirit. I thank my parents for gifting me with that first camera and for encouraging a lifelong passion. After High School, I graduated from Carleton University, worked for a while, headed to Europe for a couple of months to backpack around and live in history, and upon my return decided to attend Algonquin College in Ottawa for photography. That was the official start to this great photographic journey for me.

After graduating, I started my career at the Valberg Imaging studio.  I worked with  many  talented photographers and met and photographed people of all ages; worked in snow, rain and sun, and learned much about my craft.

Photographing weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, baptisms, families, official events at the Governor General's, The Chateau Laurier and what is now the Canadian Tire Centre, gave me experiences that offered me the opportunity to grow, not only my talent but also my understanding of people and what makes them smile.

I also had the opportunity to travel from Canada's East to West and help produce a wonderful book about amazing women across our great country, Dare to Dream: A Celebration of Canadian Women.  I had the chance to meet & be inspired by women such as June Callwood, Sally Armstrong, Rosella Bjornson, Shelagh Rogers, Julie Payette, Victoria Jason, Judy Mozersky, Sharon Wood, Heather Reisman, Dawna Ring & Joyce Milgaard.  An unforgettable experience.

After returning from living in the United States, I relaxed my work schedule to enjoy my young children. Now that they are older, I spend more time and more time with that lovely camera around my neck.  I  thoroughly enjoyed my time spent working for the Canadian Cancer Society and all the fantastic people I encountered photographing the Relay for Life events around Ottawa.  I love the opportunities & the people I have met as a Juried Member of the Kanata Civic Art Gallery & as a member of the West Carleton Arts Society. And of course, I enjoy every opportunity to photograph folks in the beautiful natural outdoors, which is my favourite place to capture smiles, laughter and people's genuine spirits.  

Exploring the world of Fine Art photography has inspired so much growth and creativity.  Being a part of shows like at the Electric Street gallery in Ottawa, the KCAG's "Gift of Art", "The New Art Festival" in Ottawa, "Baz’Art" in Ottawa's east end and Toronto's "One Of A Kind" show have opened the doors to new people, new experiences and new ideas. My most recent body of work in the ICM style (Intentional Camera Movement) has brought me a great deal of joy, both in its creation and in its welcomed reception of those who see it. 

Traveling throughout our great world,  allows me the time and space to create images that speak louder than my words can.  Composing an image on the shore of a lake at sunset, or paddling to find that loon around the next bend brings me joy.  Understanding the lighting on a misty day, or capturing the feel of a European evening with drinks and chatter; each scenario brings a new energy and each location offers its own unique challenges and beauty.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my images. And perhaps you or your space will be who I focus on next.

Other tidbits…

I absolutely love to travel. The things there are to see in this world, the people there are to meet and the cultures there are to experience are amazing and endless.

Fav place to hang: cottage…Muskoka, Canada

Tim Tams are delicious. Thank you, Australia.

I love to drive. One day: Autobahn.

You can never go wrong with a handwritten letter.

Art is fantastic. Spending the afternoon at an Art Gallery soothes me.

I could watch the silent dance of the Aurora Borealis all night long.

Give me a good book any day and I will always have Grand Adventures.

Thai food has outstanding flavours.

If I could spend all day swimming in a lake, I would; and sometimes I do.

Music is essential.

I will rise early and without complaint for few things. Two would be: catching a flight for a holiday & going paddling.

When there is a camera around my neck, you will find a smile on my face.

Chasing Light

Belle Images-2-6

Over the years, Karen & her cameras

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1. at CGIT Camp Kalalla, Quebec    2. first camera, Grade 7, in Mexico City    3. at the Louvre, Paris    4. at the Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland    5. on the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland    6. in the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, France    7. family holiday in Acapulco, Mexico    8. summer camp, Gatineau Hills    9. in St. Petersburg, Russia


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